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Once upon a time there was a boy. He had a very sheltered life untill he was 10. Then the reqal world hit him hard. Before then he was a very athletic boy who lived his life in imagination. When he vas very little his mom and dad left him with his mothers sister. he and that womans son were the same age and spent their childhood together. They almost always got into mischief. Then the boys mother had a second child, a girl who was 2 years younger than the boy. After having the second child, the mother stopped going to work to stay home with the children. The boy continued spending time with his friend untill he was almost 6. Then his friend and their family moved away. They never saw each other again. He made some friends in school, but no good friends. By 3rd grade the other children started to see that he was different. They bullied him severly because of it. He was in a class of 14 people so there wasn't much else to do. By 4th grade evryone made fun of him. The reason they picked on him was that he was smart. He thought about things that no one else did. He saw the flaw and every plan and obnoxiously pointed it out. He always had to have the last word and never lost an arguement. Every teacher he had loved him. He would ask the questions no one knew the answer to and the rest of the students didn't care what the answer was. He was always seeking knowledge. In 5th grade he was thrown in with the rest of the kids from the school distict. His class went from 14 to 128. This ment he could find people more like him, and he did, like a moth to a flame. The only problem was that they all didn;t know him and didn't like him. He got punched a few times and learn't to return the punches. This was his first exposure to the real world. Almost immediately his grades droped. They went down because he didn't care about them. All he cared about was learning and now that this vast new real world had opened to him he had to learn everything about it. TBC