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Name?: Laura (LaLa♥)

Age?: 13

Color?: Red

Style?: Hollister

Crush?: Prodigy (MB♥)

In a Relationship?: No :)

Music?: PoP, HipHop, Rap, Jazz:)

Sign?: Pisece

Update?: Omg! I am officially a flipnote citizen! I feel so proud of myself for posting a flip everyday! I also have to thank my fans and all for adding stars to my flipnotes. Im gonna make a shout out to All★Star♥™ for being an awesome friend! hxx for the love.


Prodigy - Damian Craig Johnson♥

Roc Royal - Trey Dylan Young

Ray Ray - Raquan Tanyae Smith

Princeton - Jacob Alexander Perez

follow me?(:= @ProdsLovelyOne



║ (o║Music is my life<3