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Hello every one im Sky's friend XxKyoxX (not my real name). Right now Sky isnt feeling too good so im taking over her account. I am a little older than her and I hope to meet and become friends with all of her fans. Please be kind to me, im very new to this. Also I will be doin some RolePlays, to tell you the truth I've seen Sky do some roleplays with you guys on Hatena, and I cant wait to start roleplaying with you guys. Since Sky only does Yaoi roleplays I shall do the same... and yes I do know what yaoi is.

I guess now I should tell you a little bit about my self.

You guys can call me Kyo. I'm 15 years old and I live near Sky. I've been friends with Sky since I was 9. She is like a sister to me, so i hope you guys weren't to hard on her. Just like Sky I am also Bi, but Im not sure if she is bi anymore?... anyways, I have black hair, with blond highlights. I have blackish brown eyes. My fav. colors are black, white, gray, silver, and middnight blue. I love all animals but my fav. animal is a dog. I love the night time and I love to look at the moon at night. I dislike birds, and girly chicks, their not my type of girls. My fears are hights and thunder storms. Through out my whole life Sky has been my closes friend, and I've actualy tried asking her out one time but she didnt want that to ruin our friendship if we broke up. So right now im singel unlike like Sky is now, but I'll do my best to change her mind about us goin out.

The reason why Sky is not on Hatena anymore is because her boyfriend and herself just got into a fight about who knows what so I decided to take over on Hatena, well also because she left her DSI at my house so yeah, but she knows Im using it. So far due to the fights in her relationship I dont think that the two will be together for long, so ill do my best to make her feel better if that time ever comes and I hope that day never does come, cuz as much as I like her I really dont wanna see my "little sis" getting hurt because of some jerk. Well anyways as you can tell im a very protective friend and I wount let anyone hurt the people I care about the most.

Well thats about it, and I hope to become great friends with everyone on Hatena.