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i am now working on since progect.update1/2/2010 i can not post flipnots for 4 days starting 1/2/2010 and will start posting agan 1/5/2010 maby soner [not in troble] its that the arae dose not have yfi but i can still go on cumputer so i will keep u updateed what i will be posting.update 1/3/2010 i will be posting pety the pede [is alredy done].so i will post it 1/5/2010 profil icon for 2010 [not done but will be posted 1/6/2010 taco man cartone [not done] and will probly not get posted till 2/2/2010 maby soner and ther will be some radome flipnotes so i will keep u updateed.