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Hey!, I'm jasmine...I'm a geek, emo, wannabe gangster, and, a artist :) haha I'm funny but serious i love to hang out but i rather text...I'm outgoing but the same time I'm shy i love anime and music I'm in the bjh band i play in percussion group I'm the type of girl that hates drama, fights, and people that r killing the earth, and brake ups i love my friends to death and i love meeting new people i hate being alone...:) i love jokes, and joking around! i hate too serious people...:) well oh! i have two older brothers Dimas Cardoza and Franco Cardoza ( Frank )....they are like my best friends but we fight! i love them to death and did i tell u i'm random? well yeah i am........TACO! sorry haha randomness :) i'm the kinda chick you can count on I'm ur rite hand gal and all in between well just ask my best friends. if you have a problem with me oh well that's your fault... i guess haha i have been in the worst things, also i been in the best-est i think ife is a roller coaster but whatever this mite seem long because i like it like that. I'm sweet and nice i try to be the best i can i give. i always give 99.9% to my family and friends i guess if u know me your one lucky person i have news for the guys that are trying to go out with me i rather have you as a friend than a boyfriend i'm a tree huger i love nature :D it runs in the family i have strict parents so guys dont even ask me out to the movies save ur breath :DD and i have a pretty good life i love learning new stuff i wonder who i would be with out music idk i love speaking my mind if i say "hey dont even" or "just dont go there" u better not and yes i hate jocks and any guy thats like well i'm big and crap so what i can care less i love all...and never mess with me cuz i mess back and worse its not pretty ♥ i hate when me and friends fight i cry eay too so watch it! well....OH i hate backstabers! and people that dont mind their own buzzness...if u wanna talk or chat or whatever? just msg me and i give u my number well bye :) ♥ ♥