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Wow. Long time no see. Anyway, I simply want to appoligize for my like, behavior on this account a while back ago...I didint really pay much attention to what i was doing or saying... but, i'm over it.

PLEASE watch my first flip if you havent!

Ok, my favorite bands are: Linkin Park (Numb, Waiting for the end, Hands Held High, Somewhere i belong, Sun will set for you, Breaking the Habit, Leave out all the rest, Whate i've done, and etc are my fave songs) Nickelback (Savin me, If everyonecared,Photograph, i'd come for you, Neevr gonna be alone,If today was your last day, Someday, When we stand together, etc)Greenday (When Sept. ends, Holiday, 21 Guns, Know your enemy,Good Riddance, etc) Tobey Keith (Red Solo Cup, How do you like me now, I wanna talk about me, Courtesy of the Red White and Blue)

BONUS SONGS :D: The Riddle- Gigi 'D Aginsto. Handlebars- Flobots.