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I cut my heart out,

put it in a tin,

buried it under the oak

and went on into the world,

turning my back on emotions.

Emotion is weakness.

My old self knows this well.

I shade my skin to no longer

suffer such diminutives.

Now I can trespass life itself,

Without care and its caution,

Without fear and its hesitation,

Without tears and their sorrow,

With nothing to stop me,

to put a stutter in my thoughts,

to cause a pause in my footing.

I face it all,

as emotionless as a statue,

empty to my soul.

In the blizzard of winter, I will stand;

In the ferocity of the storm, I will stand;

In the heat of summer, I will stand;

to the end of days, I will face life,

without a quiver,

Without that heart that had made me soft.

''I Cut My Heart Out'' by Evelyn Nec