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dont get fooled by the name im not afraid to speak my mind.if you try to pick a fight with me i will push you down HARD.i hate hate comments.i love video games.i dont draw videos because i dont know how to draw soo i just writte about something and just post it i do work hard on these videos even if its just writting but yeah some of these i feel strongly about and some are to ask ppl for advice and some are for you to tell me what you think about it or to explain why this is but i will not stand for hate comments you can speak your mind without being rude.but i will start a fight with you if you think you are superior than other ppl or if your just plain rude to me or other ppl.but most likely some one starts the fight first.i love animals,my 2 cats and my dog i would never want enything to hurt might hear some of my stories in my flip notes there not all boring there ok.but yeah i write some of my stories as examples for something or just so ppl would tell me what they would do but yeah dont write mean things about my stories(but you can write about the people in my stories like my ex-best friend,well dont write mean things about me my family or friends)ok if there not about me and my family)srry but ill try to tell you at the end of my vids who to comment mean things about.