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I am a changed girl.I am beautiful and know it.I love CoD:4,MW2, & MW3. I am a Soap fan lol. I love laughing, makin gother people laugh and don't judge appearances, but rather who you are. If you are a psycho person, I love you lol. I will be trying to start a CHU (Christian Hatena Union) and be the best Christian girl I can be through the internet. Ask me anything and I'll tell you the answer...Maybe...Lol Depends on what it is. Oh and I MIGHT be staring't judge my writing though...or stupid thoughts lol.GBU!!!(God Bless You...and don't touch my Pocky >:-( I need Pocky to get through the school days man...Oh and Gigglez is a nickname I got for not being able to stop laughing so unless I'm really depressed I most likely will be laughing in my announcement flips...