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UPDATED 5/4/12

Hey its me Kenndie. I know noone really reads this but imma do it anyway

) :0 :( ;/ :] xD =-) ÷」 :「 ;|



single or not single: single

likes: Ppl who are nice and outgoing, parties, dancing, singing,MONKEYS XD, and school.

dislikes: Ppl who are mean and enjoy watching others get hurt, BULLIES, imature ppl, & biters, GUYS WHO CHEAT & tell u they LOVE U when they KNOW its not TRUE

Whatever else I could think of: Umm I love to play softball, I play keyboard and gutiar, and I also sing, I do Ballet, and I love dogs and I Love Jesus Christ My lord and Savior xD

My fav qoute: "What doesnt k!ll you makes u stronger" ("it also makes u not trust people")

well thats all for now catch ya' later !!!!

XD :) :] :l :( =D =) =] =l =(

FYI: I am very quiet person when you first say hi to me but, start making converstion with me I will become the funny crazy person I am knonw to be XD