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Sooo I'm Death Eevee, you can call me Deathy


Gender: Girl .3. NO DUH

Location: Under your bed.. trying to r0b you in chur sleep dB<

RL Name: Sammy

Age: 13

Grade: 7

Other stuff o3o: I have many series, but my main ones are Time Stops, Hide In The Shadows, Torn apart, and Your Demons

Torn Apart is a side series to Time Stops, it explains more about a group of my eevee's called The Five

So some of my friends are....

GameLord, Dark, BlazeySun, Angelwolf sis, FiviEevee, tgmasta360, Nox Arcana, Ash, DarkNinja, Balor, BaleFrost, Koira (or AkiNeko), SkyLimit, Wolf64 [Tell me if I missed you and I'll add you, my memory is horrible .3.]

Other stuff .3.


Fb: If your a GOOD friend then ask me and I'll give you the link

DA: LeXiLoU2 or you could ask me for the link if you can't find me

Request, I take anytime, I just can't draw ppl, stick figures, I'm bad at now that i only draw eevees and chao and stuff like that. But yeah If you want me to do something just tell me and I'lll try my best ;w;

Also, school just started ;=; So now I'll have less time for my Dsi... Wee... =-=

Now to end this off Imma rattle off some of my characters dX I LIKE DOIN THIS, I CAN'T FIND OUT HOW MANY I RLY HAVE!

Star, Sammy, Angel, E, Holly, Ian, Karo, Hope, Areo, Arrie, Scarlet, Storm, Shiny, North, South, East, West, Equinox, Boom, Sparkle, Shadow, Sparky, Spike, Sparks, Shadie, Frost.. and that's all i remember right now ;3;

AND THESE ARE THE CHARACTERS MY FRIENDS JOHN AND ANTHONY MADE FOR ME! Chippy, LCC, SLLAMMK (my bands name), Shiney, Peace, Rainbow, Steely, and Greeny

Soooooo IMMA GO NOW... YOU GO NOW TOO.... -pushes out- ADD STARS OR GET OUT XD JKJK BUT RLY -eevee eyes- i need stars.... dB [NOT A STAR BEGGER] SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAI -waves RLY fast- ~Deathy