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Sup, yea i know you guys dont know alot about me, so here you go...

I LOVE TO DRAW!!! I want to become an aritst when i grow up... i draw ALOT better on paper than here. my fave color(s) is and are red and black. i play the violin a lil. my fav shape is a heart(red) lol idk if you ever saw my wife and kids but that show ROCKS! and so does everybody hates chris. I am smart(not a nerd) lol and i have lots of friends. i love video games(a gameaholic XD idk if thats a real word but it is too me) i have an x-box 360(live) and i LOVE to play call of duty(modern war fair)XD i bet you didnt see that one coming lol. i am a CHOCOHOLIC! XD i know I LUV CHOCOLATE! i love music and here are a few... Radio, Solo, Animal, Magic(B.O.B.), Imossible, Replay, Luv Like Woah, Dynomite, Dance, Just A Dream, My Girl (Mindless Behavior) i luv that song( Ray Ray, Prinston, Prodigy, and Roc Royal all the way! lol