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Heyo! its me! my DSiXL broke, so here. just here.

i am random! lol so how was your duck? you dont have one? then hows your pie?

lol i will post random stuff alot.


old profile:

I know im not very good at creating my own flips (thats what I call flipnotes) but i will redo or edit any if you want me to. I will (hopefuly) get the hang of things soon, so... ya.




ptp (xion)

DSTP (DDD, lalaine)

delures ("nastu" nastune)

destiny (mario)

wolfy ("kitty" chaogirl)

poppy ("cube" Ice4u)

Don't (Ronald)

D ("N" nickopz, "maf" mafer)

DooseyPop ("*insert musical instrument {other than cello} here*" cello)

poptart ("ally in wonderland" maddog)

poppeh-seed ("roxas" deadinside)

Dpop ("wafer" mafer)

i will add nicknames when i come across them.

fabay is my name on transformice. say "dnt has a cool mouse!" and ill talk 2 u.

About me:

first name: HAHAHAHAHAno.

last name: see: first name

likes: hatena, singing, dancing, acting, ducks, pasta, my friends

dislikes: ppl at my school, my p.e. teacher, my bro- no wait...

hates: justin beiber, warheads

???: my brother


short term:

fans: get over 50 (DONE XD)

rank: better than 1,000 (best: 439 on 2-6-12 through 2-8-12)(ACHEIVED OH YEAH!)

stars: idk

faved by famous creators: 8 (madhatten, lalaine, burst, splash, fred)

Views:100,000 (HA!)

Dounloads: 100 (HA!)

long term:

fans: over 1,000

rank: 50's

stars: just gimme some.

Views:100,000 (HA!)

Dounloads: 100 (HA!)

wewt! first stealer! that puts me at popular in my book!