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Hi! I'm Alizaye, and I'm 9 years old. I'm in the fifth grade. Also, starting November 1 and ending December 11, if you favorite me, I will favorite you back.>Uo

And, of course, my o.c. has an eyepatch. I have no idea why my o.c. has it, but my o.c. just does.

Ok, drawing tutorials. I'll post a hand one soon because a friend of mine asked for one. And about the Manga Body flipnote...yeah, I'll delete that. The head is horrible, and I don't always use guides(because where's the fun in that? >wO). So, yeah, I'll probably make a new one(or not). Sorry if I bored you(you're probably sleepy right now) so BYE! And, I'll start making icons for DSi users on September 28, 2011. How to get the icon:

1: Go to my free icons flipnote.

2: Download it.

3: Draw a sketch of what you want on your icon(If you want a background, paste it on the page after the sketch).

4: Post it.

5: Next, as you wait, I'll draw the icon. If you have a background you want me to put it on, the drawing will be on the background(you'll find it; it'll the spin-off of your sketch).

6: After I post it, download it and re-post it (Save it on the icon page,if you didn't know).

7: Go to your settings(on a computer or DSi internet) and chose it as your icon(sometimes you have to post more flips to get Flipnote Hatena to make it your icon.

8: You're done! Enjoy your icon!

Full name

Alizaye Mo'ét Manigo






October 30, 2001

Blood type

DERP Judging by how I act, I think it's AB. I said THINK.


DERP :3 I have no idea.


E.C. Killin Elementary

Place of residence

Okinawa, Japan

Place of birth

Waltorboro, South Carolina


Drawing and reading >w

Special skills

Drawing and reading >wO!


Of course, English. I know some Japanese and it only took me a couple days to learn Hiragana and Katakana, and, of course, I know a little Spanish.