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~Hello Hatena!~

I'm Heaven, AKA Hailey Fox. Just your not-so-average b!tchy 12-yr-old 7th grader. :P I am a artist and writer, with main things I draw or write about will be for Sonic or Toontown Online. I LOVE TOONTOWN. <3 Anyways...I kinda quit Hatena awhile ago for deviantART, but I got banned for being underaged. :/ I do have a Fanfiction and a Facebook, though. Well, yeah. And if you decide to come and talk with me and my friends, go on. I don't b!te! I'm generally a really nice person (I think) and willing to make friends. BUT. If you decide to start drama, be a total d!ck or anything like that, that's where I draw the line. Seriously. e3e I'm not someone to p!ss off. I can fight, and I can do so very well. Anyways...I can be a p3rv. The cursed Rule 34 stole my innocence at 10. XD I hope you enjoy my work.

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Facebook name: Hailey Zook (message me first so ik who you are :u)

~Updated July 23rd~

~Hailey Fox<3

~Bubbles Sparklenerd<3

~Alex Acorn<3

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~Heaven Z.<3