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Hi my name is Alesha M. Barnett (aka Alicia keys the Swagger or the secret ninja . Im 14 years old, born 7/10/97, I was ADOPTED when I was around 9 years old, moved around a lot in my foster homes, Sorry I don't my 1st school, 2nd school was Blackland Prairie, 3rd school is Ridgeview Middle school witch I am in now, in 8th grade almost 9th, I am single, great kisser, love animals, love little kids, I'm a babysitter, nice, sweet, funny, can get crazy (I mean real crazy<3 =), great dancer, friendly, get along with others most of the time, shy, friends are always with me no matter what happens, I was abused by my dad when I was really little, he never did it again after my mom called the cops, after that we forgot about it real quick and we started fresh from there. Thats why I posted a Flip-note on here about what happened 3 years later ( =(, =< ) thanks for listening to me if you are reading this.