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Hi my name is Taylor. I am 15. I'm from Michigan.

things i do:

i use to cheerlead until i injured myself at pratice. the doc said i would heal upin 2yrs and be able to cheerlead again. so senior year better watch it cause im comin back.

I take dance (even though not supposed to} state competitions comin up and trust me i know were goin to win

I have takin violin and vocal classes for now 2 years(really hardwork)its something i had to take

i'm single (for now)

my fav rapper is eminem and drake

my fav singer is beyonce, pink, jamie foxx, christina aguleria,

my fav band is BOTDF and the cranberries.

i like chocolate and cookies!!!!!!!!!!

gpa:3.9(tryin to get a 4.0)