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Hey ppl my name is Lucie but most people call me Lucinda

(ur suppost to shorten someones name when you call them not make it longer rofl!!)

I Like...

Ice cream

Cookies dough and

Strawberrys and cream

and football

Amy and Cilundi+ are my supreme heroes

My fave type of music is R&B and Rap and Hip-hop and GARAGE.

I'm not telling you how old i am becuase i am wierd

These are the things you must now about me:

I'm random

I'm crazy

I'm not too shy

Music is my life

I have very long hair... down to my butt

I NEVER give up

I love life

I am cRaZy but i already said that.

I LOVE to draw

plus my family are super heroes (not kidding)

I might be scared of spiders...and flying

just maybe... :p