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I'm just that epic.

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I'm just that epic.

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Name: Atari

Age: 13

Gender: DON'T ASK ME IF I'M A GUY OR A GIRL!!! 'cuz I'm both lol. You'll never knooowwwwwwwww~

B-Day: August 10th

Location: PA, USA

Hobbies\Interests: Hetalia (Russia's the best), drawing, animating, writing, playing violin, retro gaming

Privet! I'm Atari^^ I joined Hatena about a year ago, maybe a little more. My DSi XL is already beat up, with scratches and cracks since I use it so much.

My family comes from Poland, so if you need translations, I speak Polish and Russian. Since I'm going into 7th grade, I can learn Spanish, so I'll add Spanish to the list soon ;) I love being Polish, we do polkas alot XD

Starr Nova is my main furry! You can't miss her, she has increibly long ears for a mi-ki dog! Around her leg is her Nova bandanna, everyone in the Nova family sports one. My other characters are Tetris, Crash, Smash, Pila, Jaw, Draco, Zebra, Kiri, Mee-Mee, and Falafel.

My bestest friends on Hatena are Aoguro, kat conley, ColinVoice, djpollo, $hiny$nivy, Paws, Epicbunary, Aster, Fairon, Numbah Won, Alpha X, and others! Love you all <3 My deviantART is dogzworld365. Need to contact me? I can't give out my personal e-mail, but my spam e-mail is My Sketchfu is tetrisfan2012.

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Carly Therese Spina






August 10

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Retro Gamer, Game Collector


A school.

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Gaming, playing Pokemon cards, drawing, writing, and playing My Little Ponies.

Special skills

Tetris expert.


Mainly English, some Spanish and some Japanese.

Favorite Pokemon

Pikachu, Umbreon, Cobalion, Lugia, Totodile, Serperior, Sawsbuck, Charizard, Teddiursa, and Zekrom.


If you wanna do something in life, do it unitil you black out and pay 2,000p to the winner.

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Celebrities liked Shigeru Miyamoto
Games liked Tetris
Fashion liked Tee shirt, capris leggings under athletic shorts, baseball or pokemon hat
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People liked Friends!
Drinks liked Coffee
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Food liked Sushi
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Movies liked Pokemon Black the Movie: Victini and Zekrom