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Im popular on my blurb thing below for more info.

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Im popular on my blurb thing below for more info.

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I like to play outside. I live in Illinois. I will not tell you waht town unless your my best friend! lol. My best friend on hatena is cindy. Im b-day is on June 24. I have a gf and her name is Jenny! u can check out my pics if u want. Im ok with it if you make a spin off of some of my flips, but only if you change it a little. I will reprt all spin offs that are copied from me that aren't changed. I post about 1-3 flips a day. My highest creator ranking is #1!!! Hope to get even better!!!!


Well 2 yrs ago i got a dsi. I liked the flipnote feature the best. So, i mad tons of flips. Then, i descovred hatena. I rlly wanted an account. I didnt have an e-mail address then so i put in a fake one. (i didnt know u had to sign a paper) So, i gave up. About a year later (last November) I tried again. I had my own e-mail address now. So, i did all the suff i needed to do and it worked. I was happy!! lol



Q: Why did u stop ur series?

A: Cause ppl were losing interest and they didnt care anymore.

Q: When will u start ur scary stories again?

A: Someday i will...

Q: Hi

A: Hello.


GOALS: ( :)= i made that goal already! I will update these every month. Heres my updated goals:

1.To get 1000 fans by July.

2.To get 2,000,000 stars by June 25-

3.To get one of my flips ranked 1,2,or 3 by July.-

I know those are hard goals, but im really doing good at this time!!

I will update this almost every week. Bye! :D


UPDATE*** The only thing that is changed is that im not gonna be on much this summer cuz im so busy. So see you guys back in a few motnhs!! (I will still be on from time to time but notnearly as often of before.) [emoji:326]


Hey guys, I know how to get FREEEEEEEEE emoji!!! [emoji:330] I will tell you how when I reach 1,000 fans.

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13 almost 14


June 24th 2011


SWGS (thats the abbreviation)

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South Wilmington

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Swimmng, skiing, ice skating, and running.

Special skills

I can ride a bike w/ no hands lol...i can run rlly fast...