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Hey remember me? I dought you do. I was that girl that wasn't noticed... I know I sound like 'those' people. No I didn't leave on purpose, my mom wanted to take my dsi and give it away for a 3ds... No I'm not mad at anyone... Just sad. Now not many people can see my art... But i do have a DA, but i lost my pen to my sketch pad so no more drawing on there... So if you really want to keep in touch with me here is were you can find me...

Facebook: Ann Fourquet

DA: AnnMarie11

WeeWorld (yes weeworld...) :lunastar1

Fanfiction: Ann_the_tiger

Gaia Online: Luna Echidna

That's about all I can think of... Yeah I know some seem pointless but oh well. Yeah but the ones I'm mostly on are Facebook and DA. So thanks for actually reading. It means a lot. :) Have a nice day.

Ann F.