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hello, im Randie:) ive been drawing since the second grade, and i am currently entering the 10th

i love to draw, and i found out Flipnote Hatena on my DS right on the day i got my DSiXL (on christmas)

i love making friends, im easily be-friended

im gay, im a girl, i like girls, i hate the l word

so, if your a homophobic person, we WONT get along

im an overall-shy person, but i can become very outgoing once you get to know me

im turning 16 on October 2nd

my birthday: October 2, 1995

my favorite color: purple

my favorite band: Fall Out Boy

my favorite number: 2

my favorite TV show: Cake Boss, Degrassi, Bleach, Deathnote, ect...

my favorite movie: Jennifer's Body

my favorite kind of music: heavy metal, screamo, punk, rock, ect...

orientation: Gay

height: 5' 2''

i love anime, i easily fall in love, im always taken...some how..

im usually found underneath the arms of a good friend

i have 1 brother, 1 sister, multiple friends and an awesome car


I live in the U.S. :) glad to

i want to be a game designer and im hoping to attend the pennsylvanian AI college :) Arts Institute

I want to be an art/game designer

hopefully ill become very succesfull

if not, then ill become a doctor

my intentions of drawing is to get better at my talent and have fun and let the world enjoy it

i want to make RPG's and fantisy games

i love 3D games and ones that play fictional characters

like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantisy, Star Ocean, and ect..

Ive had the idea of being a game designer since 5th grade and there is no changing in my plans:)

im confident!