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I am Icey.

I don't like mean people,or beggers,spammers,theives, and brussles sprouts :D

Many people call me icey, for various reasons :P. I love drawing but I stink at people so I stay with cats and wolves(cats mostly). I love the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter. I'm pretty good at drawing on paper and better on my DSI XL. I have no time to color, nor do i want to. I have a couple good friends including, MetaKirby, Lilac435tm,Pikazilla,Gabby,CP...and some others....i have many ocs,which one, frostbite, is a mate of my awesome friends(gabby)s, oc, Snakestar :) also, Squirrelpatch is mates with the awesome character named Boss, which is owned by the talented CP. I thinkthat wraps things up :)))