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mmkaii mah name is madison. or maddie. i preferr maddie:D im a girl. uhmm i dont lable myself buht if i did i guess id be....former-emo current scene . im bisexual, hayte if you must buht just dont talk to me,i dont want to have anything to do with judgemental people. think i sound mean? well immature heartless knowitalls who think theyre so cool because they make fun of people while theyre to retarted to realize they dont even know them,, are meanxd so if you cant accept me, i honestly dont care. just leave me alone. ive had enough of people like tht. i try to be nice buht idc anymore:d (YOU CANT SPELL JUDGEMENTAL WITHOUT MENTAL:DDDDDD) okay i currently have purpleish hair buht im dying it after the christmas break of 11. bluee!!!!C; i love dubstep metal screamo alt. rock.

im agnostic which means i dont believe in the bible buht i think theres some sort of god.

i wear glasses nowD;

im pretty much 14. JANUARY 1RST FOO.

uhmmmi think unillamacorns are amashing.??

idek wat else to say -__________________- baii <33 cmnt and chat if your not a frotoad(: