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Elloh im Erika<3 im Mexican and

Proud to be'!(:im 12 and in 7th grade my birthday Sept.29

i <3 all my friends espicailly my bestie

Diana :)[plz fave her]

i <3 the color blue and green i <33 My family

Im a Weirdo'!>.< My favorite Singers:

Jason Derulo,Whiz Khalifa,Taylor Gang or Die,Nikki Minaj,Mac Miller<33

Katy perry,Drake,Chris Brown theres more but to lazy to write lol:D

<33 to shop at Hollister,PacSun,Target,

Forever 21,American Eagle,theres more but to long

<33 Skittelz taste the rainbow'!Lmao

<3 all my friends and fans'!

Uhh thats all Bye'!