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Hey guys! So basically I'm a fan of well the Sonic series! Well all I'm gonna say about my self is, I'm 14 my name is Kayanna but everyone calls me Sarah I live in California and I love drawing,video games, snowboarding, and Comics. I would have to say that my favorite sonic characters would be Sonic the hegdehog (No dur), Tails the fox, Big the cat, Shadow the hegdehog, Cream the rabbit, Marine the raccoon, Blaze the cat, Mighty the armadillo, Espio the camilion, Tikal the echinda, and Knuckles the echinda.

Here's a list of my O.Cs

Kayanna the bat (me!)

Sarah the hegdehog

Crista the fox

Anna the fox

Becky the koala

Noah the monkey

Mark the wolf

Gazer the demon wolf

Electra the tiger

Prism the butterfly

Yumi the panda

Topaz the echidna

Jacob the echidna

Sam the hegdehog

Heaven the angel wolf

Snickers the dog

Repna the horned chameleon

Sparklight the hegde-panda

Kyla the cheetah

Katrina the cat

Thunder the demon hegdehog

Soul the demon hegdehog

Jennifer the ghost hegdehog

Sabra the anti hegdehog

Lilythe angel chao

Billy the dark chao

Leo the ghost chao

MarieAnn the creatura

Max the creatura

Zachary the creatura

Kayla the wisp

Livia the cat

Victoria the time-cat

James the fox

Marisa the cat

Faith the cat

Nichole the porcupine

Ruby the butterfly

Moonbeam the hegde-fox-angel

So ya! That's about it! Oh and another fact about me Ninga is just Nintendo and Sega combined it was either that or Setendo lol anyway you can find me on DA and Colos!3D :3 just ask for my user name and I will give it to you personally!

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