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Hi ^^ I'm NightNinja and im a girl not a boy lol,..

I live at North America in New York.. I am hespanic American.. Half Puerto Rican and Full american.. ^^

i love to draw im very good at it, i draw what ever come's to mind everyone calls me a true artist because i never took art classes.. So i learn from experience..

i love listening to music and going on computers, i like playing video games and stuff lol, im a fan of Demi Lovato, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, tinkerbell and Avatar the last Airbender, I love anime and i like reading anime comics, i also like funny humor...

and im the oringinal NightNinja with the black sky and white sun picture in my other profile, i had to make second profile cause i lost my password from my other flipnote profile, you can tell in my file i have the same flipnotes as my other profile im going to try to repost them again

~NightNinja~ ^^

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Margarita M.Staton


I'm a Female






Drawing, listening to music, video games

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Art, Drawing, sketching