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Hi my name is faisal I like drawing flipnotes and my best flipnote drawer is gizmo because his flipnotes are hilarious and his voice is hilarious and my favorite job to do is become a plumber because my fan mario is a plumber and his mario games were made by shigeru miyamoto and his friends and he lives in Japan where he draws mario pictures and he draws in flipnotes too oh and maybe I want to be a artist someday like gizmo

oh and now I'm going to make new filps about a new filpnote blooper called faisal filps gizmo gave me the idea oh and I thank gizmo and his filpnote friends


Favorite Game Region:Nintendo,Sega,Capcom.

Favorite People:Alvin Earthworm,Gizmo filpnote drawer,Shigeru Miyamoto,NintenDrawer,Gary & Alison.

Favorite Games:Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story,New Super Mario Bros.Wii,Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll,Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver,Super Mario Galaxy 2,Sonic the hedghog 4,Sonic Color,Kirby's Epic Yarn,Donkey Kong Country Returns,Pokemon Black and White,Paper Mario 3DS,Super Mario Bros 3DS,Sonic Generation,Kirby Wii,Mario Sports Mix

I like making Flipnotes sometimes

view my filpnotes

Also I'm an spriter at Deviantart it's I hope you like my art

Oh and everyone Don't make bad filpnotes it's not right make funny filpnote like gizmo