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I'm Kind,Careless,kinda funny & kinda lazy.

Name: Jan Matthew Devonne Mara.


From:Canada,Vancouver.(I'm in London right now to visit cousins.)

Fave color:Red,(pink,Black,lime green & blue.)

Fave music type:Heavy Metal,(Reggae,Hip-Hop,Rock & R&B.)

Fave animal:Dog,(Hamster,Guinea Pig & Chipmunk.)

Fave Sport:Basketball,(Table-Tennis,Billiards,Tennis & Soccer.)

Fave t.v Shows:The Simpsons,(Pokemon,Naruto,Family Guy & American Dad.)

Fave movies:James Cameron's Avatar,(Alvin & the chipmunks all old & new.)

Things I like:PLaying my p.c,playing basketball & Table-tennis & And being on Gaia Online(It's sooo adicting.)(for me).

Things I don't like: Being kinda lazy,My mom & my moms boyfriend.

Ok I think Thats all? O_O