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Hello! i'm Meaghan! i'm Keldeo2012's twin :3

Im really glad i am in flipnote hatena! :3 i promise i'll do my best making cool flipnotes or a spin-off! :)


and i also have pokefarm!! X3

i'm a pretty good sonic artist, and also someday, i may want to be a cartoonist(if i'm able to make good grades at school -_-;) and you should check out my best friend, riku ^_^. he's an AWESOME sonic artist! :3 plus, he's also have deviantart

my o.cs:

Meaghan The Hedgehog(MY NUMBER ONE MAIN O.C! ^_^)

Meggy The HedgeVampire(Anti-Meaghan)

Daisy The Puppy

Shade The Oshawott(Anti-Kesha)

Lindsey The Hedgehog(Meaghan and Platinum's Child)

Cell The Hedgehog(Perfect Cell's Mobian Form)

Vegeta The Hedgehog(Vegeta's Mobain Form)

Cara The Hedgeidna

Nicole The Hedgecat

Melissa The Hedgehog

Luria The Minccino(Anti-Michi)

Salia The Cubchoo

Electra The Shiny Luxray

Skull The Seedrain

Moon The Fox(Meaghan's Child)

Gaga The Bat

Lilly The 2-Tailed Wolf

Drake The Hedgehog

Jack The Hedgehog

Rose The Dog/Wolf(Anti-Daisy)

Alice The Deer

Elizabeth The Hedgehog(Meaghan's Mother)

Mia The Butterfly

Malissa The Rabbit

Broly The Hedgehog(Broly's Mobian Form)

Mella The Dark-Seedrian

MEGZ(Stick Figure O.C)

Emily The Fox Snowwomen(2nd Main)

Soul The Hedgehog(Meaghan's Father)

That's all i could remember ^^;