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1 - I am now single and very happy about it

2 - I will post on 5/4/11 and 5/25/11

3 - I will be offisholy back on 6/6/11

4 - I will not do many chainflips or other stuff, i am only doing the 2 i have already downloaded and the one i am making, this is so i can only focus on my series

5 - if anyone has any of the star force games i have dragon, zerker, and black ace with no brothers on any of them (but they still have an all compleat in them)

6 - i hope to have around 120-180 episodes, and i hope to post about 2-3 a week

and finally 7 - i now have 50 charectures, but only 20 are my mane ones and 1 is a secret person not to be revieled until aftewr the first (of 3) seasons of my series

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