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I am 12 Years old :D I Will turn 13 at 8/16.

I love to make Mario Sprites and Movies!

I'm a big fan of Mario!

My New Sprite Pack 3 will come soon

Another one I have to repost all my flips again. Can you guys make this popular please.

School is going to start soon at September 9th so I won't be posting for a while.

The update is M & L Epic Adventure sprites from movies 1-10.

New sprites are coming up.

New items Vol. 3 is going to take a bunch of time.

Also the New Tileset Vol. 3 has been CANCELLED

But New Tileset RE-MAKE Pt. 2 coming soon

Prof. E. Gadd P1 has also been released P2 comming soon! But taking some time!

Bob-omb will come soon it might take a-while.

Also M & L Epic Adventure Episode 4 coming soon!

I made a SMW Flagpole.

SPP Koopas Vol. 4 coming soon

Also I now know how to draw Mario and Luigi!

And I made a custom princess peach castle

Also I have a iPad 2 so I got nothing else to say so Bye. Enjoy your summer vac.