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Kik: mechazilla


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OvO Hey~

I'm Keizer-Zilla,I'd prefere it if you call me Zilla though.

Mah best-friends on Hatena are:




They're all epic people,so add them now!! <XD

I love all my friends!Hatena wouldn't be the sane without them!!!

My familys are:

~Chocozillet(Twink and I are the leaders!).

~Wyvern(B-Zorua and I are the leaders!).

Feel free to ask me to start a fam! ;)

My chara's are:

~Zilla (main oc) Species:Xilian/Sun Dragon.


~Krystalak(Made by pikaz for me!)Species:LynxChao

~Zekorua(Wolf oc) Species:Zoroark/wolf Dragon


~Rodan(Made by Twink for me!)Species:Chao

~Glace(Made by Pikaz for me!)Species:Chao

~Daphnie(Chara)Species:Ghost Dragon

~Sakura(Made by Sierra for me!)Species:Eevee


~Dart(Made by Red pika for me!)Species:Dragon

~Kiryu(Chara)Species:Robot dragon

~Melyinx(chara)Species:Melyinx XD


~Spirit(made by Twink for me!)Species:SpiritDragon

And more...

I've got DA: Mecha-Zilla

Ppl im (hatena) married to:

~Minia(waterlilly and waterzilla!<Loves you two!!33)

~Pikaz(Lovess chuu!!!<3)


kk bye!



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