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The Video Game Music Meister

LOL go to "Google" and type in "yin-yan kirby" and you should see my flip on the top XD"


My Mommy :3

I got my DSi exchanged! but everything is gone my game downloads, my friends codes, everything T-T


check out my favs list they all pwn 'cept for me T-T (forever alone)

Sorry if I'm not posting as much as I use to it is because I ow own a 3DS and traded in my DSi. Sorry everyone, but hey would you like to exchange 3DS friend codes with me? but you have to be a 3DS user who love to go online very much like your on your 3DS 24/7 I don't want any 3DS users who go online like once or twice a week or something. Well here's my FC 4940-5565-2962. Comment on one of my flips with your FC! thanks guys and sorry for never returning. </3