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He guys i am Flyerment-Counter ( my real name is Melvin ). i hope you enjoy my flipnote,s.I have an acc. but a friend format the systeem and flipnote hatena was gone!. Sorry for my fans and friends. I have an new acc. the name is Flyerment but i have the same password.

the flipnotes that i post are all spin-off,s but i coppied one frame and put it into my flips. i hope that you know the things that i say to you.

the true:

1.Hope is not the key to happines, happines is not the key to succes,, If you will love what you are diong you will be succesful.

2nd. Live by the day because tomorrow is not promised.

enjoy my flipnotes comment me and have fun on FLIPNOTE-HATENA.

THNX Flyerment-Counter.