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Hello there I'm Kori or panda on Hatena.I am a vegetarian, My birthday is May 15th and I'm 15.I love making flip notes! ^.^ I enjoy drawing,singing,writing poems,stories and reading. I made my first flip note on Hatena July 14th 2010. I love pandas and red pandas so much! which is why my user name is Panda haha. :D I mainly listen to metal and rock music like: Iron Maiden,Metallica,Megadeth,Pantera,Night Wish,Within temptation,Avenged Sevenfold and Evanescence. My favorite colors are: black,blue,purple and red. I really like video games! Portal,Left 4 dead,fallout 3 being a few! There are also a variety of shows I watch: Courage the Cowardly dog,Touch,Criminal Minds,Law and Order,Powerpuff girls,regular show,Adventure time,My little Pony:friendship is magic,Invader Zim and so on. I am very shy in person >///< haha,on Hatena there are some very amazing artists :Yoshi :3 she is very sweet and a very talented artist. verkukte she makes very well animated flips and has a great style. c: M1ke makes very interesting flip notes and has a unique drawing style. Cookeh,has a very cool way of drawing and he is hilarious. c: I always like to meet new people on here so talk to me if you wish! Anyways thank you for taking time to read this if you would like to know more about me go ahead and ask! my Skype name is Justapanda3 add me if you would like! that's about it here's a cookie c: ~Kori♥