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Hia! Welcome to my page! My name is Aurora, meaning dawn or the godest of dawn in Latin. Anyway, about me:

My best friend hear on hatena is

Mi$$<3Diva. She is the real deal.

I am a softmore in high school and probally going to be a senior next fall. I 'cause mischieif and I love to play what sports I can, though it can be very hard for me to play them. I am a follower of Christ and often get into debates with people of various conflicts dealing with that subject.

I find myself your typical busy person; two dogs, school, theologic studies, reading and photography.

I love to go camping too! Although, I have not been it about 3 years. So if you classifyed me I'd be under adventurious.

I really want all you to know that I can be a bit of a trouble and play drums so I'm a loud creature is one way of puting it.

So I wanted to talk about my name:

The funny thing about it is that it means "dawn" well, I am not a morning person so my name dosen't fit me. But I'd rather catch a tune of music and let the melody carry me away so you can call me Melody too.

So I guess I'll catch ya later!