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Hi,my name is Connor ;)

I'm 12 jears old

my birthday is on the 21.12.1999

I hope you like my Flips and so...

About me:

I like to draw and to read Manga

of course I like to play Videogames

(Minecraft,Sonic games and so on...)

my favourite Song: Linkin Park - breaking the habit and castle of glass,Across the Line and Skin to Bone

my favourite Manga: Fary Tail, Soul Eater

my favourite games: Sonic Generations,Minecraft,Flipnote,Sonic Colours

best places i was: 9,12

next projects: Now your gone 100%

D!SCORD 100%

Stereo Friends ---

Minecraft!? P1 100%

Minecraft!? P2 100%

Minecraft!? P3 50%

Bridge of Death 5%

Across the Line 100%

secret project 100%

Give me the Muffin! 100%


Captain Borrito :D 100%

MV with [AR] 70%

Captain Borrito P2 5%

I live in Germany xD