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hey everyone! its me hatusami!

i am very gald that there has been many ppl enteringbin my contest!

i am realy surprized that greenninja entered my contest. thank you all for all of your support soo far! sorry i havent been on much to take to any of my friends. i am very sorry about that. i will try to be on more but so things are going on right now and if u wish to know more about that u can just ask me in my chat room. i try to be in there everyday, but it is getting really hard. ooooo!

and now that i think of it, my chat room is open to everyone!

hey is some personal info that ppl might want to know,

1. u will never know my age!!!

2.i love to run will never know my reall name!!


lol that was all really random..... sorry..... lol check my flips please!

eww i dont like to beg!! sorry! but like no one is really looking at mmy flips soo if this keeps up i am gonna have to quit hatena forever.