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Blah, I'm really bad at explaining myself or telling people about me, so don't be surprised if I get side tracked or if you get confused while I tell you about me :P

General stuff:

Name: Rere (that's not my real name >:D)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Blah :P

Stuff I like:

Reddit, hatena, sleeping, internet, Legend of Zelda, flpnotes, randomness, my DSi, extra styluses, wrist straps (I'm all ways dropping my DSi), penguins, cats, drawing, Derp and Herp, computers,

Stuff I don't like:

9Gag, YOLO, snakes, bugs, spiders (I'm not scared i just hate them), lurkers, starbeggers, stealers, creepy 40 year old men, creationists, noobs, dog poop, baby barf, uncomfy chairs, slow computers, slow internet, people looking over my shoulder when I'm on the computer, misuse of rage faces (hint, hint hatena >:D), people who talk to me when I have headphones in, public washrooms, dirty washrooms

Stuff about me:

I've been home schooled since the end of grade 5. I have 3 siblings - a 8 year old brother, a 2 year old sister, and a 6 month old sister (she's still bald and toothless ^-^). I have a cat named Smokey, another cat named Sambaroo, and a chihuahua named Pieta (pronounced Pee-tah). I'm a Redditor (in case you couldn't tell by my likes and dislikes). My birthday is July 7th. Grass is green :P.

I'll finish this later :P