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I am a gurl..... heh no duh, lol well here are some of my O.C's

Spinner (girl)

Taylor (boy)

Jared (boy)

Lizzy (girl)

Riley (boy)

Equinoxx (boy)

Chara (girl)

Discord (boy)

Christian (girl)

Charjol (girl)

Illeia (girl)

Milo (boy)

Zandra (girl)

Amber (girl)

Shade (boy)

Nova (girl)

Leon (boy)

Ari (boy)

Midnite (girl)

Azazul (boy)

Sianide (girl)

soundwave (girl)

Sam (girl)

Mercy (girl)

Taylah (girl)

And many many many more. Not all of them are human either, some are sonic, some are wolves, some doll, some demon, one vampire, and many different creatures, my best friend is Emo Kitty, shes an amazing artist. i know her in real life, we go to school together even though shes a year older than me. lol well bye!