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name's naomi gracielle.

call me gekkouai.

naomi works too.

15 year old filipino-canadian girl.

chubby, short.

nothing too interesting.

i'm an anime artist in the works. i'm not the greatest artist, but i won't say i'm horrible.

i also sing. not too much because i'm shy but yeah.

i'm a big otaku.

i love anime to the bone. yes, anime has bones. my faves are 'hetalia', 'kuroshitsuji', 'soul eater', 'ouran high school host club' and a bunch others. and i'm a brony. apple jack <3

i cosplay too.

my past cosplays were...

  • Amy Rose // Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Haruhi Fujioka // Ouran HS Host Club
  • Seychelles // Hetalia
  • Female Ciel (jack the ripper episode)) // Kuroshitsuji
  • currently working on spain cosplay. [ from hetalia ]

I roleplay. a lot. on facebook, text, hatena. eyyup.

Hmm.. what else to say...

I guess that's it.

I'm a pretty chill and out going person. If you wanna be friends or get to know me better, hit me up. :)