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Hurrr Updates, updates~!

Okay, I was known as Omgwtfbbq, or Meh-tan, for quite a while now, so you can still call me that! My other name is Kuroshi because I have a Deviantart called Kuro-usagi7 which I SHOULD AND WILL NOT advertise about, unlike some people. >.>

I'm not very popular and right now have only 1 friend, Chase :D! I wish I had more though...

I look up to coffeecake(Nikki, Nicole, coffee, cake, waifu, etc), June, Ezool, and Jerra cuz they be awesome. I have been friends with Coffeecake but she forgot about me. I don't wants to talk about this crud anymore so......


Overall, I'm a nice person who is a crappy asian artist trying to get known in the universe called Flipnote Hatena. Get me pissed and I won't do anything because you would be wasting your time you troll.


I don't know what else to put on here..........