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I'm 17. my name is peachez. im an awsome person tah hanq owt with,, im bi.!! duHh && i love iht.!!i love to dance && i love makinqq flipnotes.!!! also i sinqq && rap. <3 im turnin 18 disx year... ima finally be leqal and yall aint qonna be able to tell me nuthin!!! lmao :D i'm wild, crazy, random, and beautiful all at tha same tyme. :) You think yu can handle me.??? probably not :D but yur very welcome to try.. and just tah let ppl lookin 4 drama know what tha deal iz dnt brinqqq it... i don't deal with it so if yu try me yu will have a problem (ME) and trust me yu definetly don't want that >:) but newayyyz q2q cnt sit here and tell yu my life stoRy.!!!! :)


~Peachez iz a Beast.!~

  • the candy lady
  • the vampire mistress
  • a pretty b**** yu aint f***kin' wit :)

_and most likely yur friend on hatena :)

add meee on FACEBOOK.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{fave creators> anthony && NsAnE