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WELL.... WAIT, IT IS ON CAPS................ Ok, back to normal. well i was deciding to quit and stay on deviantart and act like an idiot there, but i decided to go back the the old days. soooo here we go!! and dont worry, im not going to put info like my blood type or my social security( like 51uts) so here we go!

hi everyone! my name is ninja suki, or umi if you know that im a invader too! ppl tht are my close friends call me susie or billabong. ( dont ask) i am 12 in a half years old ( but is very mature, trust me) and i am a SHE!!! just in case your that stupid not to see my username... i am planning to be a cartoonist of the family, while my sis is the graphic designer. plus!! and i will be going to the army, when i am 19, or i will go to ucf... im still deciding. i am a nice person and i dont bite! i can be very mean if you get on my bad side, or if you just mess with my friends. plus!! i love making ppl happy in anyway, but when im like that, i am probably depressed or sad. if i have a fan ( YEA RIGHT!!) all i have to tell you is practice.

my friends ( of i remember, if i forget you, kill me, or be super mean to me!!) are kye, kur, xox, ninja, axx, zara, shock, rae, blu, hek, mar, lol, jinx, ( g0d d4mn!) tok, tak, kay, tek, hai, rai, tri, KEONNA, 69, ( lol!!!) psycho, em, ree, dsi, tenn, dev, mix, sky, dag, rin, silhouette moon, ven, and i forget!!!! dont judge me, i just havent been on this crap since last year(/////*0*\\\\\\)

my favorite quote: give light and people will find the way- Ella Baker

and MUAH's QUOTE: Just be original- hello kitty murderer aka me

im not acutally very good at talking to people, but i make alot of fights, sadly. so i just am still shy, kindof.

my ocs are: umi, cooki, inci ( ink), ninja suki ( sukinna), jill, and yea.

soooooo bye bye!!!!!!! lol

away in the north pole, zantas not dead

hes kidnap dear santa and stole his sled

he sent you for singers to cause you dismay

the sweet, little angels will explode on the day!!- eddsworld: zanta 2

hey, at least its not friday and baby mixed together, right?!