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Hi!My name is Marina.I am a nice girl who just loves to have fun! I don't have many friends or stars but i'm fine with what I have.I don't like to post flipnotes begging for stars,& I don't support the Love-Hate Justen Beiber stuff.I love to watch stick flipnotes & flipnote with just pure insainity!The flipnote artist I love the most is Sugar & Skittles,I love thier work!I have 6 OC's on Hatena:

Nanaha Rose Silvermoon: She is a young Werewolf.She is very hyper and falls in love quick.Encira is her best friend,they would do anything for each other,but even though she turned him down she has feelings for the young demon.She met Encira alittle before MyaMya's death.She has a pet Kijikco(ki-jink-co) named Kijow.

Jenny: Jenny is 9 years old.She is a crossover of a Shadow demon and a Werewolf,which you can see if you look at her two tails.She feels like a monster just like Nanaha feels.She loves to have fun and play with Kijow,Circi,and Mya Mya.She sometimes hangs around Lucus and Encira to learn about her two differant breeds.

Encira: A shadow demon with some serius anger issuses.The only thing that tames his fire is his soft spot for Nanaha.He & MyaMya always try to see who is scarier but sometimes end up scaring themselves.Encira met Nanaha when she was on a misson one night when he tried to flirt with her,they've been best friends ever since,which is odd because she turned him down when he tried to win over the young Vampire's dark heart.Circi is his younger sister.

Circi: She holds Encira's sad/happy emotions.She loves to play with MyaMya,the two would ofter prank eachother.If she wants to just fly around the place she would hang on to MyaMya's tail.Circi ofter pushes Encira to his limits but after awhile he would calm down and forgive her.

Lucus Grayfield: He is a outcast from his village,Nananha took pitty on him,but he said he didn't need a vampire's worthless affections,so he refused Nanaha's help.His life is perfect,he would say to himself,but life for him is hard.When he was young,being a crimanal was not on his "When i get older i wanna be a..." list.

MyaMya: He used to be a human boy named Jason Pataway,but was murdered by his phyco parents.Nanaha felt bad for him because he was her only human friend,so she reserected him into a demon body.He felt he couldn't use his old name for a new body so he went with MyaMya to complement his furry-demon body.