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:) HI


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My name is Nadia, I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico

I'm 11 years old.

My Birthday is September 8.

I can't really say how my personality is. Well I'm nice,protective, and I don't like fighting....



Stella the wolf

Skye the fox

Hailey the raccoon

Drake the wolf

Cody the wolf

Lilly the wolf

Luna the wolf

Marth the hedgehog

Juliet the hedgehog

Mia the cat

Max the hedgewolf

Megan the cat

Dylan the hegehog

Talim the dragon

Tami the dragon

Kio the dragon

Bandit the dog

Blade the wolf

Nightmare the fox

Cobra the hedgehog

Jesse the dog

Terri the cat

Angel the hedgehog

Star the chinchilla

Cole the hegdehog

Lightning the hedgewolf