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Hao,mah name is Lucy CB

I love the cats and the pudings.

I like prepare pudings.Yeah,maybe be can bad write,but mah english suck babeh.

I'm spanish and I prefer be of other country,IDK why but I prefer be other thing than I be.I speak English,Galician,un peu de French,I try to learn germany but i cant memorize the words,and I speak perfectly spanish PB

Soooo.. I'm very very shy..

Umm.. I love the ponies,i'm a brownie! BD

I love draw and when I create mah acount in devianart,i will put here the link.I jury it,babeh.

My prefer Pokemon is Horsea,heheheheh,you think think this is Eevee? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,if you think it... you're stuped! e_____________e

Bye bye..