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Hatena activity: offline

Date: June 3, 2012 12:54 p.m

Destination: home chillin like a bum :l

Status: bored as fudge

Thaughts: life why you borring D:

Details: my stomach hurts, I'm hungry and Im bored as a box of rocks

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Monthly update: on June 26th it's mah birthday so like give me a cake or somethin lol XD

Weekly updates: im going to post a music video im going to post it tommorow ;D

Daily updates:I'm going to post My flipnote talking about my birthday In about an hour or so ;D

Hatena updates: making a music video with me and my character Sergio it's going to be the song:shut up and smile from bowling for soup


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Hello my name is !nkheart my flipnote friends call me ink for short. I'm a pop culture like creator inspired by scribbler and gizmo to create comedy flips and music videos to entertain you guys! I know I can leave without a clue sometimes but I still love hatena to death, I also love animals,going to church, listening to music, and hanging with my friends Casey and Esteban. Other than real life friend my hatena friends include: scyther, the game,Casey, sealand,j-dog, epic art, and timber wolf if u can I would love for you to check them out ;D! Thnx a whole bunch!