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Hi! I'm Owlguy17! I joined Hatena in April, 2012. Some of my favorite creators are Epic, Kitsuna, Boss, Diz, Evan, Gizmo, Toast, McBoo, Andwoo, Fox, Deity, and Altair.

My Goals on Hatena:

Get 100+ fans (not accomplished)

Get faved by a famous creator (accomplished)

Receive a red, blue, or purple star. NO BEGGING INTENDED.(Not accomplished)

Have atleast ONE flip in the MP (not accomplished)

Have Hatena Quest become popular (not accomplished and most likely won't happen)

Be Awesome (accomplished) XD

This is my promise to all of my fans: Every time one of those goals is achieved, I will make an MV! (Those won't be the only times I make MVs)